'Tis the Season to be Nice to Your Feet


As weather turns colder in autumn and winter we put away our flip-flops and sandals and replace them with warmer footwear in the way of socks, insulated shoes and boots. Since our feet are no longer in public view we tend to pay less attention to our regular foot care. But the contrast of moist, cold weather outside and the dry, warm air inside of our homes and offices can really affect the way our feet look and feel. If you’ve ever experienced dry, cracked, and itchy feet especially in the fall and winter, here are a few simple tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy during the cooler months:

• After bathing or soaking your feet use a pumice stone or loofah sponge to help exfoliate dry skin from the soles and top of your feet.

• Use a good moisturizing foot cream daily.  The cream will act as a moisture barrier to prevent skin from drying out. (guess what—we recommend STRUTZ soothing foot and hand cream)

• Eat a diet or take supplements which contain essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and Omega 3). These essential fatty acids help to improve dry skin by helping skin cells retain moisture. Sources of Omega-6 fatty acids include nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, and dairy. Sources of Omega-3 fatty acids include flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybean and tofu. Walnuts, and dark green vegetables, such as kale, collards, and chard are also good sources.

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