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Strutz cushioned arch supports and compression wraps help alleviate common foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet and fallen arches. They provide instant relief for tired, achy and sore feet.

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Dealing with foot pain on a daily basis can keep anyone from being happy and active. At STRUTZ® we’ve made it our mission to improve the way you walk, run and live your life.


I have to say that, when I ordered my first pair of Strutz, I really did not expect them to work. I'm on my feet a lot and have had severe foot pain for years.I also bought a pair for my husband fully expecting to have to return them. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with my Strutz! My severe heel pain is amazingly relieved when I put them on! I wear them constantly now and have ordered another two pair for myself and my best friend who has foot and knee pain. My skeptic husband even says they help him which is a miracle! I will never be without them again!

Orthotics shoe inserts for foot arch pain
Denise S., Newberg

I've tried almost everything. I have high instep/arches and there were times when my arches would hurt, felt like there was no support. I tried Dr. Scholl's innersoles/arch relief, etc. - they worked temporary. Saw and said what have I to lose? Best thing I bought for my feet. I do a lot of walking and standing during the day & can use the support. Now my feet feel good - not as tired as they used to be. Thanks to the person/people who thought of this and to the company who invested. My arches thank you.

Dr. Scholl's innersoles/arch relief
Evon S., Brooklyn,NY

My daughter was in a lot of pain lately and after a dr visit we were told she has a very high arch and needed arch support. I found your company online and was impressed by the reviews and I liked how it was one size fit all....My daughter has been wearing them for a week and her feet already feel better! She is getting used to wearing them and hopefully will wear them regularly. Thank you so much! I would recommend these to anyone with a high arch

pain from flat feet
Lara D., Midlothian, VA

I have been a Strutz wearer for some time now and have recommended them to numerous people with foot problems like my own. They truly have been a blessing to my feet! Your product is amazing and I cannot imagine life without it! I am also very excited to learn that I will be able to buy my Strutz in retail outlets coming soon. The rest of the world must have finally found out what I have known for some time.

Strutz Orthotics
Peter B., South FortMeyers, FL

Hello: I placed an order for my sister whose feet are always bothering her because she has flat feet. Well, she just received them and she loves them. Her feet didn’t hurt at all today. I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my sister's feet.

Diane L. Chicago,IL.

Thank you, thank you! My husband suffers from Peripheral Neuropathy.Though medication is a necessity, it alone is not a magic bullet. After years of spending thousands of dollars on expensive shoes and custom orthotics--relief finally came to his aching feet in the form of STRUTZ SOLE ANGEL! Continued success with this life altering product!

Peripheral Neuropathy relief with Strutz Sole Angel
Lucille I.,College Point,NY

After a bad fall at work and an injured foot (torn ligament) I was in constant pain-limping and constantly not so happy. I spent months in rehab-an injection at the injury site; and all to no relief. I'm VERY happy to say that while I'm wearing your product it takes a great deal of the pressure and thus the pain off my heal. Thank you, a waitress needz two good wheelz!

constant foot pain and limping
Barb T. Jim Thorpe,PA

"Hi, I purchased your product Sole Angel and I am really happy with them. I don't want to go into my "story/injuries", but with a recent tendon dysfunction diagnosis- having them allows me to wear some kinds of open shoes. Since this looks like a injury I will have to manage for the rest of my life, I am really appreciative I found your product."

tendon dysfunction diagnosis
Brenda M., NY,NY

Thank you to STRUTZ® for the Sole Angels®. Those things really rock! AND work!

STRUTZ Sole Angels
Traci C., Los Angeles, CA.

"If I had to suggest one thing to wear on a trip to Disneyland where you'll be on your feet all day, I would tell you to wear STRUTZ® Sole Angel® and you'd thank me."

STRUTZ Sole Angel
Sheryl S., D.P.M., AAWPSM