Poor Arch Supports may be Causing your Foot Pain | STRUTZ

Poor Arch Supports may be Causing your Foot  Pain | STRUTZ
Poor arch support can lead to stress and inflammation of the plantar fascia, causing other common foot problems and pain including plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Without properly supported arches your body can fall out of alignment and also cause stress, strain and fatigue to your ankles, knees, hips and lower back
Most common foot pain is caused by wearing shoes with little to no arch support, standing or walking for long periods of time in high heels, or overuse of the feet during work or sports. Being overweight also places additional stress on the feet.

To help prevent and alleviate common foot problems and pain we suggest that you wear shoes with good arch supports, use insoles or products like the STRUTZ Sole Angel or STRUTZ Pro to support your arches, avoid wearing high heels, flip flops and sandals and maintaining a healthy weight.


  • baba

    Which direction is the point supposed to go on the STRUTC? I can’t tell from any pictures. I have flat feet and plantar fasciitis

  • Susan Hull

    I had real bad knee pain. I work as a cashier and work eight hours a day, forty hours a week. Went to physical therapist, he advised I was walking inward. I have high arches. In two days no pain at all. I highly recommend this product.

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