Be Nice to Your Feet

Our feet are probably the most neglected part of our bodies. And in Summer this is especially true. When the weather gets warmer everyone prefers sandals and  flip flops over sneakers and dress shoes. Others prefer to go barefoot for as long as they can. Exposing our feet to the elements and variations in humidity and temperature tend to dry out our feet. Also, as we age our skin becomes drier and more vulnerable to cracking in our heels. Some folks are simply predisposed to drier skin on their heels. The cracks formed on dry heels are also called fissures.

If you run or walk long distances the pressure on your feet can cause these cracks to split open and grow deeper. This is very painful and can lead to bleeding and even infection.  Cracked heels can put an active person on the sidelines rather very quickly if they are not taken care of properly.

How do we prevent dry, cracked heels?

Well, we need to be nicer to our feet. Feet need to be regularly moisturized and exfoliated to get rid of dead skin and calluses. Creams and rich moisturizers that are used for elbows and legs can work well on heels and foot calluses. But, if your feet are unusually dry or cracked you may want to try a cream specifically formulated for the heels. You can also use a special moisturizing socks that can help moisturize your feet while you sleep. Doctors recommend using a pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin cells and expose smoother softer skin and drinking plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated and naturally moisturized. Follow these simple tips and you can help yourself avoid dry cracked feet.

Remember: To perform your best keep your feet happy. Be nice to your feet.

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