Recovery Food for Thought

If you exercise regularly, you need to fuel your body properly in order to rebuild your muscles and get ready for another day’s workout. After exercise you should consume foods with protein and carbohydrates as your post-workout meal. It’s a good idea to eat a recovery meal 30 to 45 minutes after exercising. Some experts believe that waiting too long after a workout to refuel can cause muscles to weaken and atrophy. Sports drinks and protein bars are an easy and convenient way to get your muscles on the road to recovery. Great recovery meals can also consist of fresh food options that are easy to prepare. Try fresh fruit like bananas, apples, oranges and berries. Also, foods like egg whites, whole wheat toast, peanut butter, honey, salmon and pasta, just to name a few, will help jump start your recovery. And don’t forget to rehydrate by drinking enough water. These simple food choices and proper hydration after exercise can help you recover from your workout and get you ready to do perform better the following day.

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